Island Innovator is a fully equipped semi-submersible drilling unit based on proven design, with a 165 ton active heave compensated crane enabling us to perform simultaneous and offline operations.



Island Innovator is currently on the move from South Africa to Mauretania for plugging and abandonment of four firm and one optional well in the Tullow Oil operated Banda and Tiof fields, before heading for the UK.




In UK we have our recently signed contract with Dana Petroleum (E&P) Limited for drilling of three firm wells and one optional well. The firm work is estimated to 80 days and the optional work is estimated to be 30 days.

After completion of the Dana program, we will sail to Equatorial Guinea to start the drilling program with Trident Energy. The work is planned to start in September/October of 2023


Drilling Performance

Island Innovator has been engaged in Harsh Environment drilling operations since 2013, and maintains an excellent performance record. Regularity in excess of 99% available rig for customer. With enhanced design and improved heave characteristics for reduced waiting on weather, Island Innovator is built to operate in the Barents sea. The rig has achieved great results in exploration and development, with several drill stem tests.

The rig has extensive experience with spudding on DP for station keeping while connecting to pre-laid anchors, before continuing in Posmoor ATA mode. The rig has also performed P&A of top-hole sections on DP. This capability reduces time spent on anchor operations with up to 2 days.

The ROV facilities, with integrated control room for ROV pilots and a well sized ROV hangar is functioning in an effective manner. The launching is set up by using a cursor system, placed close to the rig centre. Constant tension wires to pontoon enables the ROV to be launched up to 4 m significant wave height. Launching and recovery above 4 m significant is pending wave and wind direction.

Features and Capabilities

The Island innovator is a 6th generation rig for drilling and heavy well intervention.
The operational advantage of the active heave compensated NOV 165 ton crane, in combination
with the rig’s DP capability, makes this rig unique compared to many other units.

Island Innovator is equipped with a NOV 4000 HP ram-rig type cylinder rig, with hydraulic active heave compensation and separate pipe racking tower. It has NOV BOP handling system and a five ram BOP stack from Cameron. The rig is purposely built for production drilling on subsea templates, with large designated areas for storage, and a skidding system to bring XMTs in position for the moonpool elevator.

The upgraded rig hull design increases the variable deck load capacity significantly. In combination with a lowered setback location design, this allows for transiting with fully loaded setback, which in hand improves rig efficiency.

Island Innovator at Howick

Rig Specification

The Island Innovator is a 6th generation, GM4000 WI Enhanced design, 2012 built semi-submersible drilling,
well intervention and completion unit. The rig is currently equipped to operate in water depths from 60m up to 1200m.

The rig is designed for the Norwegian Continental Shelf and for worldwide harsh environments, and upgraded according to OTG 013 and 014 requirements. Station keeping is maintained by an 8-line mooring system or by dynamic position maintained by 6 fixed pitch, variable speed thrusters (DP3).

The rig holds both AoC and Safety Case.

View The Island Innovators exact specifications by clicking the link below.