Through our operations and work processes we contribute to reducing emission to air and sea, reduced energy consumption and reduced waste.

Our systematic approach towards sustainable operations is in line with the expectations from stakeholders such as the society, owners, customers and employees.

Together we care!




Island Drilling has an ambition to be one of the most carbon effective drilling companies, and we are willing to make the commitment. The mobile offshore drilling units is energy consumer resulting in significant CO2 emissions. For Island Drilling to achieve its goals, all sources of emissions will be assessed to identify measures reducing the Company’s CO2 footprint.

Energy management is management-rooted and concerns every part of the organisation. However, energy management within drilling and well services requires a close collaboration between us as a rig owner and the operator. The technical input from our rig forms the backbone of this work and the energy management plan. The implementation of measures and some of the goals set in this plan depends on a unity between us and the operator on how to lower energy consumption.

Continuous improvement of energy performance requires establishing effective energy management practices and processes to guide the energy program.

Our success is based on regularly assessing energy performance and implementing steps to increase energy efficiency.

Our ESG Report, and Transparency Act Report for 2023 is Live! 🌎

At Island Drilling Company, our commitment to responsible business practices is unwavering. We are pleased to present our 2023 Reports, showcasing our dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

Key Highlights:

  • Environmental Efforts: Discover our initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Social Impact: See how we foster diversity, support local communities, and prioritize employee well-being.
  • Governance and Transparency: Learn about our ethical practices and dedication to upholding human rights and fair working conditions.